What is Worldwide Buddies?

Worldwide Buddies is a series of fictional, educational picture books with characters from different countries. Our aim is to introduce little ones to the diverse realities and wonders of the world, early on, helping them learn different perspectives, and imagine a more beautifully complex world. Each story is lovingly created to take children through an unforgettable adventure, discover and learn, identify with the characters, giggle with their friends and laugh with their hearts.

Stories are available individually or as part of a story box, with additional crafts, games and toys around each book. These are especially designed to spark curiosity, inspire play, develop further skills and extend learning through hands-on, engaging, and (most importantly!) fun activities. 


Mexico's Wonders

The first book, “A Marvelous Mexican Misunderstanding” is out.

Let your little ones discover Mexico’s marvelous wonders and follow Adri while he uncovers the biggest misunderstanding... in the history of misunderstandings!


Ideal for children between the ages of 5-10

But will probably also be loved by grandma, your eldest child, the 15-year old cousins, your boss at work, and... you!



An Immersive Experience

Unravel more fun activities, games, toys, and a handful of surprises with the complete story box.


Cultural Awareness

Teach children about different cultures early on, helping them grow into open-minded, 21st century adults.

worldwide_buddies_picture_books_thinking .png

Outside the box thinking 

Allow children to imagine and inhabit different situations and environments, nurturing their ability to think differently.



Constructive Imagination

Cultivate children's imagination with whimsical wonders of every day life from distant parts around the world.



Introduce children to alternate realities, and diverse ways of being and living, teaching them acceptance and tolerance. 



Parents, children and teachers are already in love with the first story:

  • The first story is G-R-E-A-T!!! We love the concept and we can't wait to get the book in our hands.
    — Naomi, Mom of 1
  • This book gives children the opportunity to learn about a different culture. During story time students were engaged, curious and enthusiastic about the story.
    — Leah, Teacher
  • All the children and teachers were so happy when reading the first book. We look forward to more stories!
    — Maggie, Principal