A Marvelous Mexican Misunderstanding - $18.00

Let your little ones experience the Day of the Dead, and marvel at Mexico's culture while unraveling young Adri's heartwarming, gripping misunderstanding!!! 

  • A hardcover picture book that's about to become your child's new favorite read. 
  • Suitable for ages 5-10; guaranteed to be loved by the whole family. 
  • Ships March 15th ... BUT worth the wait.
  • Can be purchased alone, but can also be purchased as part of a story box, or through a bimonthly subscription.
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62 pages packed of childhood imagination, adventure, culture and colorful outbursts of fun!


A witty quiz on Mexico's fun facts, whose answers are hidden in the story, alongside a two page vocabulary that will turn your littles ones into Spanish-speaking connoisseurs - well, sort of!



Can be purchased as part of a story box, for an immersive, activity-packed, out of this box experience!


Subscribe to a story plan and let your little ones explore the world's diverse realities and wonders. A new story ships every two months!



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