Mexico Story Box Giveaway! Test your knowledge and win!

The Day of the Dead is fast approaching, and to celebrate our excitement, we’re giving away one Mexico story box to a lucky buddy out there! The rules? We did think of keeping it straightforward, but then we thought… why not just make it fun!? :)

And since we are passionate about cultural education, and we definitely love games, we designed 6 multiple choice Day of the Dead questions for you. Tell us your answers below and automagically enter our giveaway competition.

Hurry, competition ends on November 4!

1. People trace the roots of the Day of the Dead back to...
2. When is the Day of the Dead celebrated?
3. What is the meaning behind the Day of the Dead?
4. What are some traditional foods that people consume on the Day of the Dead?
5. The sugar skull has become one of the most famous Day of the Dead symbols. Where was it inspired from?
6. What is an ofrenda? An altar with the favorite objects of the deceased, designed by their loved ones in order to...
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Move over, Halloween. This box will teach your little ones all about the Day of the Dead

October is already here and families all around are getting spooky-ready for Halloween. As for us? We’ve got our eyes on the days after Halloween: the marvelous Day of the Dead holiday, which happens on the 1st and 2nd of November each year. One of the most important celebrations in Mexico, during the 2-day event, people put on their festive everything in honor of all the loved ones that have passed away.

worldwide_buddies_day_of_the_dead_storybox_mexico (2).jpg

And of course, we’re here to make sure that all the littles around the world will discover more about this beautifully wonderful celebration, as well as Mexico’s rich culture. That’s why we’ve designed the perfect story box, that will get your family to forget all about Halloween, and instantly fall in love with the Day of the Dead’s whimsical traditions, delightful activities, and lovely meaning . How? Read along!

1) It has a color-bursting picture book that will transport young readers and teach them all about the Day of the Dead and Mexico’s culture, all while following the adorable young Adri, and his fun, funny adventures! And there’s more. At the back of the book, you can solve a witty quiz on Mexico, whose answers are hidden in the story, alongside a two-page English/Spanish vocabulary. 


2) It has 3 delicious and easy traditional Day of the Dead recipes that you can do with your little ones at home. Bring the tastes of the celebration to life, all from the comfort of your home. Spoiler alert: there’s something for the littles with a sweet tooth, for the littles without a sweet tooth, and something for the crafty littles that like to decorate their creations, alike!


3) It has a DIY Day of the Dead mask, which is specially designed for creative coloring time, as well as simple, yet awesome dress-up situations. Give your littles as many colors and materials as you can find and let their imagination run wild!


4) It has Day of the Dead postcards that you can send to a very special buddy, as well as some lively stickers to decorate your… well… anything, really!


5) It comes with some additional toys guaranteed to steal hearts and offer some quality laughs! Your little ones won’t be able to stop cuddling with Hermelindo, the cutest axolotl plush toy, and they’ll step away from their screens to play memory and snap with our bilingual flash cards. Be prepared to step up your memory skills and expand your Spanish vocabulary, parents!


6) It’s just too irresistible. Proof, below.


10 lovable things to do with your little ones this February


Our social media feeds are bursting with heart-shaped ads, the window displays are full of heart-shaped objects, even our coffees are sprinkled with heart-shaped cocoa powder. Yup. Valentine's Day is coming up. 

But what does it mean for the little ones around the world, we wondered. How do they understand love? How can you show and explain love to them?

And after some serious thinking and a few coffees drizzled with heart-shaped cocoa powder later, we came to a conclusion. The best way, we decided, is taking a step away from your daily life, and taking the time and energy to connect with your little ones in meaningful ways. 

How? Here's our list of 10 ways to show love to your little ones this February (special attention to #10 - there's a pretty exciting giveaway involved!)

1) Love is throwing them the most magical sleepover they will ever have, by letting them sleep in your bed, and bringing along ten stuffed animals.


And you can make it even more exciting by extending a formal invitation. Yes, that’s right. Kids always appreciate a grownup’s ability to devise a perfectly plausible letter that is based on make-belief. Get 11 pieces of paper (one for your child, and one for each plush toy), grab your silliest-looking pen for inspiration and start writing. The cuter and the more imaginative the content, the better. Use language like “do’s” and “don’ts”, what they need to bring with them, the rules of the sleepover and accompany them with the most ridiculous examples that come to mind.

2) Love is creating a custom-made treasure hunt around the house for your little ones.


And you don’t even need to get new things for it! Just gather their favorite objects, find hiding spots around the house, and write clever, witty riddles related to stuff they can identify with, yet will push them to think outside the box.

3) Love is teaching them how to write “I LOVE YOU” in lots of different languages - their choice!


Here we’ll start you off with some: Te amo, Je t’aime, Wo Ai Nu, Naku Penda, S’agapo… now your turn. You can even teach them in sign language. 

4) Love is taking the time to make heart-shaped objects from anything and everything, in the most creative and thoughtful ways.


This can be out of whatever comes to mind or whatever you spot in the way. Cookies, foil, paper, clips, paint, straw, play-dough… the list is endless. And if you want, stick them all together on a piece of paper and even frame them to make the perfect “I love you” picture for their bedroom wall. TA-DA!

5) Love is recreating the perfect camping experience, reading books, sipping hot cocoa, cuddling and giggling with all your heart.


Cold? Who said that is has to be outdoors? All you need is a tent that you can set up inside, or better yet, a set of sheets and some fluffy pillows. Hang the sheets from an object on the wall, place the pillows on the floor and bring all the necessary gear to reinvent the coziest camping tent ever created: blankets, stories to get lost in, hot cocoa, tea and nibbles to indulge in, board games to play, toys and teddy bears to cuddle with…  and any other favorite activity that will bring smiles and laughter.

6) Love is waking your children up at 5am in the morning, finding the most unassuming and magical spot around your neighborhood, and taking them to experience their first sunrise.


All you need for this one is your energy. Extra points to whoever manages to keep it a secret, wake them up and build anticipation around it, just saying that “you’ll go somewhere special”. Make sure you're prepared to give them the ins and outs of sunrises and sunsets, explain the sun's journey during a day and during a year, and answer any peculiar questions that they'll have - we all know that there will be plenty of those!

7) Love is asking your little ones: “tell me something you’d like to learn about” and then devising a fun, interactive way to teach them.


Because that's always the best way to get children engaged and the most effective way to remember what they've learned. Are they asking about solids and liquids? Take them for a little demo to the kitchen.

8) Love is telling them the adorable little story of “Why love is blind and madness always accompanies it” that we absolutely… well, you know what we’re going to say!


You can find a nicely written version of the story here. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can ask them to name more virtues and vices that are not mentioned in the story, and ask them to tell you where they think they would hide.

9) Love is taking them for a picnic in the park - because in the history of food, any picnic meal is better than a table meal. 


Just make sure to gather their favorite snacks, include them in the preparation process and take an extra blanket to tuck up.

10) Love is asking them to tell you in a few words, what they think love is. And to show you our love in return, we will draw it and send it as a print for you! Just send us their answer here!