8 reasons this picture book is the near perfect introduction to Chinese culture.


Our newest picture book, “China’s Child” is here and littles from around the world are already joining Mei Ling, Teddies and their fantastical world as they embark on a topsy-turvy adventure all across China. Your little ones can join their adventures, too - and it’s the perfect way to get them to learn and love China’s intricate culture, too.

1. Meet Mei Ling, the can-do, strong-minded Chinese girl.

Both you and your little ones will immediately fall in love with our buddy Mei Ling, the perfect representation of the strengths and struggles of a little girl growing up in China. The impact of societal and family structures are magically portrayed through her imaginative, playful and powerful character.


2. Watch some of China’s endangered animals come to life in the most adorable ways.

Introduce your littles to China’s endangered animals and their features (as well as to an imaginary dragon!), while they help Mei Ling on her adventures. Their journey is nothing short of giggles, silliness, and mischief. And you can even take home your very own Shui, the spotted seal stuffy, too!

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3. Uncover Chinese customs, traditions and surprises!

Chinese traditions, inventions, Lunar New Year customs and shenanigans, are all hiding inside the story and waiting for you and your littles to discover them.

wordlwide_buddies_china_picture book_landmarks copy.jpg

4. Prepare dumplings with Mei Ling and Teddies.

Did anyone say food? Prepare dumplings with Mei Ling and Teddies in this hilarious scene, where everyone takes a special part. Did you know?Dumplings are balls of vegetables or meat wrapped in a thin piece of dough and a staple of traditional Chinese cuisine. And on New Year’s Eve dumpling making is considered a good luck tradition!


5. Travel to China’s breathtaking landmarks and landscapes through colorful, detail-packed illustrations.

China might be known for its bustling cities and for being the most populous country in the world, but it’s also full of natural wonders and beautiful landscapes. The Yangtze River, the Floating Mountains and the Stone Forest are only a few of these. Follow Mei Ling and Teddies and get transported all across China’s distinct places, all from a comfy bed.


6. Test your knowledge with a quiz at the end of the book.

Finished reading? Think you’ve covered Chinese culture by now? Think again. At the end of the story, a quiz will send young readers on a search and find expedition within the pages of the book, helping them discover additional fun facts about China and its culture! And there’s more. Read small snippets and discover the habitat of China’s endangered animals and China’s good luck and superstition symbols.


7. And of course, get your very own introduction to Mandarin and calligraphy!

From Mandarin words dispersed around the story, to a short glossary of Mandarin/English words at the back of the story, this picture book is the perfect introduction into calligraphy and the Mandarin language. And if you want to take it a step further, you can even pair the book with Minilingo, our set of Mandarin/English flashcards, specially designed for memory, snap and lots of laughs!

minilingo mandarin.jpg

8. Bring China’s culture to life with the complete story box.

A bilingual Mandarin/English memory game, Shui, the spotted seal cuddly plush, a design-your-own-dragon craft and tangram (the famous 7-piece STEM puzzle) are only some of the toys that accompany China’s Child in our China story box - the absolute perfect gift for every curious child!