Mexico Story Box Giveaway! Test your knowledge and win!

The Day of the Dead is fast approaching, and to celebrate our excitement, we’re giving away one Mexico story box to a lucky buddy out there! The rules? We did think of keeping it straightforward, but then we thought… why not just make it fun!? :)

And since we are passionate about cultural education, and we definitely love games, we designed 6 multiple choice Day of the Dead questions for you. Tell us your answers below and automagically enter our giveaway competition.

Hurry, competition ends on November 4!

1. People trace the roots of the Day of the Dead back to...
2. When is the Day of the Dead celebrated?
3. What is the meaning behind the Day of the Dead?
4. What are some traditional foods that people consume on the Day of the Dead?
5. The sugar skull has become one of the most famous Day of the Dead symbols. Where was it inspired from?
6. What is an ofrenda? An altar with the favorite objects of the deceased, designed by their loved ones in order to...
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